Our Plants

Plant Of Budaörs

Corax-Bioner Co. has a Plant located in Budaörs, West Industrial Park (2040 Budaörs, Gyár u. 2.) for producing plant protection products and chemical mosquito control products.
The modernization and extension of the Plant were performed during the previous years. Annual 600-800 thousand litres of plant protection and EC fertilizer products and 200-250 thousand litres mosquito control products are produced in the Plant of Budaörs.

Plant Of Szeged

Manufacturing of the biotechnological products of Corax-Bioner Co. is carried out in the Plant of Szeged (6728 Szeged, Budapesti út 9.) based on own developed technologies.

The annual production capacity of the Plant is 7-8.000 m³ bacteria. Starter cultures usable in environmental protection, agricultural soil improver bacterial products, and other biological products are produced in the Plant recently.

Plant Of Magyarbóly

Corax-Bioner Co. built its composting plant near Magyarbóly in 2007 and completed it with a 140 m3 experimental biogas fermentor in 2008.

We process vineyard waste, distillery waste of Zedon Ltd. and slurry by onsite composting. The plant is operated by Ilocska, Lapáncsa, Magyarbóly, Matty Ltd.