Data protection

  • Corax-Bioner Zrt. fulfils its legal obligations in consideration of the rules applicable to the protection of personal data, and maintains its data controller system on a continuous basis.
  • The data of legal entities are registered in accordance with accounting rules, and only to the extent required for invoicing. If a contract is in force between us and a legal entity, we also register the data of the contract within the sphere necessary for the performance of the contract.
  • If included in the contract, the data of the natural person representatives of legal entities are processed within the sphere unconditionally necessary for communication.
  • We neither register, nor process the data of other natural persons, with the exception of employees.
  • The reasonableness of the data processed is reviewed by our company every three years in line with the provisions of legal rules. In case business relations are terminated, the data are deleted from the system upon the expiry of three years, unless data are needed due to a legal dispute or a lawsuit.
  • In the course of data processing, our company makes every effort in order that the data are not transferred to the possession of unauthorized persons/organizations. Our data processing employees must comply with the rules of strict confidence; any breach thereof is handled as a serious disciplinary offence.
  • Persons/organizations whose data are processed may contact the chief-executive-officer of the company (name and email address can be found on the website) with any remark, and may request investigation of any report filed by them.